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History of the Group

The First Jamboree in Arrowe Park in 1929 must have sparked off more than a few coughs and colds, it also sparked off a burgeoning of Scouting throughout the World. Birkenhead YMCA, the first Troop ever formed, was the yeast so far as West Cheshire was concerned, and shortly after the Final Ceremony at the Jamboree, one of  “Baden Powell’s Golden Arrows” fell on the tiny rural village of Frankby, and so it was that on the 14th October, 1929, 1st Frankby was born. The Roydens Family were potentially interested in the “Scouts”, and also in the “Guides”. Their most useful piece of benevolence was the gift of the Scout Field at Frankby, which was given to the Group as a football field and has never been out of use since.


Some of the earliest Scouters of the Group include – 1934 G.S.M. A.R.Friend, C.S.M. J.Howard, 1935 G.S.M. J.Howard, C.S.M. T.Hurd, 1938 A.S.M. F.Rose and C.S.M. Miss N.E. Simpkins.

The Group had as many as forty members, which was high for a Group in those days, and astronomic for a small village group. The Second World War was to take its toll and the Group was very small at the end in 1945, and it was decided to amalgamate with 1st Greasby in May, 1946 under Mr Boden GSM at the time. The history of 1st Greasby is another story

1st Frankby Scout Group was a “Sponsored Open” Group, affiliated to St. Johns Church, Frankby. Hence we celebrate Rememberance Sunday here every year.



A Time line for 1st Frankby Greasby

(this will change as we find out more)

1919 – 1st Frankby Formed

1920 – 1st Frankby Close (unknown reasons but probably war)

1923 – 25/09 – 1st Frankby Reformed Registered at Greasby Road (Frankby Parish School)

1927 – 1st Torpenhow formed in the Convalescent Open Air School – Also we think 1st Frankby lapsed again as there is reference to it re opening 2 years later

1929 – 1st Frankby restarts after 2 year lapse (probably due to lack of leaders going off to war)

1934 – 1st Frankby gets group number 10244

1937 – 2nd Frankby started changing is name from 1st Torpenhow still at Outdoor hospital

1939 – First Reference to 1st Greasby (who met at the Presbyterian Church on Greasby Road.)

1943 – 1st Greasby gets group number 20330

1944 – No mention of 1st Torpenhow (2nd Frankby) in regestry book may of closed short term?

1946 – 1st Frankby and 1st Greasby amalgamted the 2 came together by cutting their kneckers 
in half and sewing them togther. Creating a half blue half grey knecker. They became 1st Frankby Greasby and kept the group number 10244.

1959 – 1st Frankby Greasby Hut Burnt Down and group met at Greasby Community Centre.

1968 – “New” Hut opened by Sir Charles Maclean on Frankby Field.

1975 – July – 2nd Frankby (Torpenhow) disbanded after District Cub Scout Meeting held at Torpenhow. Lads sent to Hilbre, Frankby and Heswall. Frankby recieved 6 new Cubs.



First Official Scout Camp c1912 (from Yesterdays Wirral by Ian Boumphrey). After Baden Powell had inaugurated Scouting in 1908 in Birkenhead, the first official scout camp was held at Irby Hill Farm (not far from Frankby) around 1912.


A Birds eye view of the Jamboree at Arrowe Park, Birkenhead, United Kingdom held from 29 July to 12 August 1929. This was the third World Scout Jamboree to be held. It commemorated the 21st birthday of Scouting, counting from the publication of the book Scouting for Boys by General Baden-Powell. The jamboree was also known as the Coming of Age Jamboree.


The Memorial which is at the Front of Arrowe Park Hospital Entrance (near the bus stops) was presented to the Borough of Birkenhead by the Boy Scouts Association to commemorate The World Jamboree at Arrowe Park 1929. It was repositioned from in the park to it’s present position and unveiled by the then Chief Scout, Major General Michael J H Walsh, C.B. D.S.O. on the 11th June 1983



The inscription on the memorial reads …. The Chief Scout’s farewell bidding – Today I send you out from Arrow to all the World bearing a symbol of peace and fellowship. Each one of you an ambassador bearing a message of love and fellowship on the wings of sacrifice and service to the ends of the earth. From now on the Scout symbol of peace is the golden arrow, carry it east and far.



















Frankby Village 1950’s


Frankby Village 1990’s














When 1st Frankby Greasby opened it’s New Hut

The pictures below show 1st Frankby Greasbys “New” Hut being opened by the Chief Scout at the time Sir Charles Maclean. The new hut opened in May 25th 1968 was the result of a hard working group committee who raised £10,000 after the previous hut was destroyed in a fire in November 1959.


Sir Charles Maclean Cuts Ribbon


Sir Charles Maclean meets local Scouters (Named Left to Right George Salisbury, Lord Maclean, Alex Young, P Fitzpatrick, P Edwards, J Edwards, K Wayne, Elsie Chapman, E Snell)



1968 Plaque Dedicated to the Opening of the HQ above the doorway in the hallway of the hut


West Wirral Horn


Actual Wirral Horn 900 years old!

The first time any history was documented of The Wirral Horn appears in a local illustration book I found in the library. Dated from early last century it has a full history of the Horn up until then. It says-

“This is the first time an accurate representation of the Wirral Horn appears, for the drawings hitherto reproduced are all more less inaccurate. It is now photgraphed by permission of its present owner, Viscount Errington, the eldest son of the earl of cromer.” (The horn is now owned, by the 4th Earl of Cromer).


West Wirral District Badge

“In the year 1120, Randal de Meschines, Earl of Chester, created Alan Sylvester Chief Forester of the Forest of Wirral, and one of the conditions was that he blew, or caused to be blown, a horn, at the Gloverstone in Chester, on the morning of every fair day, to indicate that the tolls on al goods sold in the city, or within sound of the horn, belonged to the Earl and his Tenants.”

“The recent history of the horn is as follows: on the death of Sir Thomas Stanley, which happened early last century, it passed into the possession of his son, Rowland, who changed his name to Errington on succeeding to the Estates of the Errington Family. The Earl of Cromer married Sir Rowland Errington’s second daughter. On Sir Rowland Errington’s death, the stanley baronetcy, together with the horn, passed to his brother, Sir John Stanley, who under the original Errington will took the name of Errington. Sir John Errington died some ten years ago, and the horn passed into the possession of his widow. On her death the horn was left to the Earl of Cromer’s eldest son, Viscount Errington, who, together with his younger brother, Windham Baring, are now the only representatives of the branch of the stanley family from whom the horn descended.”

The horn was recently displayed at the Wirral Museum (see photo above) but has since been returned to its permanent home at the earls ancestral seat in Drayton, Somerset.


Pictures from the Past at 1st Frankby Greasby

If you would like to provide additional information or photographs to do with 1st Frankby Greasby, please let us know and we would be delighted to post them up onto this page to capture the life and times of the group.


WoodbadgeLeadersOverchurchThis picture was taken at the Overchurch field camp site in front of an old log cabin built by West Wirral. It shows a Group of Leaders after working on their Woodbadge.

A big thankyou to Arthurs daughter Hilary for letting us use this picture.

Arthur has since emigrated to South Africa where he now lives with his family.











This picture was taken at the Old Presbytarian Church thats was on Greasby Road around the early 1950s. It later burnt down around November 1959.

The CSM (Cub Scout Master) in the Middle of this pic and arms folded is Cliff Jones who now lives in Australia with his family.

This was very kindly donated to us by Beryl Jones (Cliffs Sister) who regularily helps with Scouting at various levels all over the place. Thanks Beryl!







HEBodenGSM1940sThis picture shows the legendary H E Boden who was the GSM in the 1940s and who amalgamated the group at that time.

He also went on to other levels in District.

Thanks to Brian Lett who lent us this picture and who was Cub and Scout during Bodens time.






Front of 1940s Record Card


Inside of 1940s Record Card

Thanks to Brian Lett for loaning us his record card. Brian has contributed alot towards the group history page and is always happy to answer questions at the end of the phone.



1FGFootballTeam1950sThis is our football team from the 1950s that played for 1st Frankby Greasby, Brian Lett who is included loaned this picture to us.

Many Thanks Brian!

Do you know anyone else in this picture we’d love to hear from you?

Did you know –

In the 1948 the Manchester United Team visited a 1st Frankby Greasby Dance at Royden Hall. The team where training at West Kirby and staying at the Dee Hotel in West Kirby at the time. The team went onto win the 1948 cup final at Wembley  the following week beating Blackpool 4 – 2.






Circa 13th May 1946 (no. 10244)


Back row, Bernie Vick, John Barrowclough, Ian Vick, Rob Wood, Bob Powell,middle row, Ann Ledson, Brenda Whiittingham, Nicola Brooke, Cheryl Vick, Anita Creer, Fran Blackwood, Albert Thomson. Front. Dave Blackwood, Ian Gilmartin, Ian Waine, Geoff Head.


Parading to St Johns Church, Frankby

1FG 1958

1st Frankby Greasby Scouts around 1958

1FG Leaders Camp

Geoff Head, Keith Ledson, Brian Wright, Dave Blackwood, Albert Thomson

1FG pre Finland

Team photo before 1st Frankby Greasby went and caused chaos in Finland

1FG Three Amigos

The 1st Frankby Greasby Three Amigos


The plaque dedicating the field and campsite to Dave & Fran Blackwood











July 1958 Cub Pack with Leaders (left to right), Mrs Sweet (CSL), Clifford Jones (ACSL), Mrs Reid (ACSL) & David Chapman. Picture taken at the original Greasby Scout Hut in Greasby Village. Photograph provided by Beryl Jones