Join the adventure!

1st Frankby Greasby is a long established Group with a history of providing exciting adventurous activities for the young people of the local community at the same time as developing them physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually to take a constructive place in society.

The original 1st Frankby was formed in 1919 but only lasted a year. It reopened again in 1927 and stayed open for four years until it was opened again in 1938.    It wasn’t until 1946 that 1st Greasby was formed and was then merged with 1st Frankby to become 1st Frankby Greasby.

Today the Group still provides a full and exciting programme for all ages and is successful in many ways.

We have approximately 80 young people who actively attend Beavers, Cubs and Scouts as well as Leaders, Young Leaders (West Wirral Explorers) and Parent Helpers from the local area.

We are very proud of our heritage and of our Group, and would welcome new members and love to hear from old members.