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Cubs Take the Title – District 5-A-Side Champions 2018

Posted on February 20th, 2018 by Colin Ratcliffe

 We are delighted to report that this years District Cubs 5-A-Side Football Champions 2018 are 1fg Cubs.

We had two teams enter the competition, held at Leasowe Recreation Centre. Both teams played their best in the qualifying group stages, with our A team winning their Group and the B team missing out on the chance to go into the quarter finals despite their efforts. 

The A team won their respective quarter final and semi final, although 1st Thurstaston did take the semi final to a nail biting finish, with 1FG coming out winners with a narrow 4-3 victory. The final was between ourselves and Newton, and with early pressure and goals, 1FG never looked back and went on to win convincingly.

We are absolutely delighted. This team has been trying for a couple of years, missing out in the quarter finals last year, so with perseverance they finally made it to the top. Well done to each and everyone of our Cubs who took part, and many congratulations from the Group. 


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1FG Take Part in West Wirral St Georges Day

Posted on May 2nd, 2017 by Colin Ratcliffe

We had a fantastic turn out for the West Wirral District St Georges Day Parade and Picnic from Royden Park to the Wirral Country Park at Thurstaston. Together with other groups from around the district, we walked to Thurstaston with flags flying where we had a picnic and a Fire Breathing & Tricks show. Thank you each and every one of our Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Young Leaders and Leaders who were able to attend on the day. 

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1FG Cubs Celebrate their 100 Years

Posted on May 30th, 2016 by Colin Ratcliffe


1FG Cubs spent a fantastic weekend camp at our HQ to celebrate the 100 Years of Cubs.  We enjoyed a movie night with hot chocolate and marshmallows, two nights of sleeping in our tents, a trip to
Liverpool via Bus, Ferry and Train together with a visit to the Museum learning about space and how to get there as well as all the wonderful things to see and do.

Cubs take over Liverpool







We invested a Cub and a new Cub Leader at the Pier Head.Lisa gets invested



We ate McDonalds as a treat for Lunch, we visited Willy Wonka’s in West Kirby and took the Toxic Waste Challenge.  We had a huge campfire and sang songs old and new ….. we ventured out onto Thurstaston common and we had a Party BBQ to finish it all off. 100 Years 1FG Cubs








The sun shone down on us every day. It was a truly brilliant adventure and camp.


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Cubs take 3rd Place at District Cubs 5-a-side Competition 2016

Posted on January 24th, 2016 by Colin Ratcliffe

3rd Place Winners 5-a-side 2016

The place, Leasowe Recreation Centre, 23rd January 2016 ….. what a competition, and a fantastic result of finishing overall 3rd after winning the 3rd place playoff. We are so proud of all the boys, they played brilliantly and in the spirit of scouting, fair and like true sportsmen.
Everyone did their part and they were a wonderful team to watch and be with, and they represented 1FG Cubs impeccably. Please join me in congratulating them.
Thanks to our supporting fans (Mums and Dads), and to Tony Lowry for his coaching and advise to the team.

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Monday Cubs Update

Posted on January 11th, 2016 by Colin Ratcliffe

Hello All Parents of Cubs who attend 1st Frankby Greasby Royden Pack on a Monday Evening.

As you were informed towards the end of 2015, the Group sadly said goodbye to both Steve and Tom as Cub Leaders.  We started our search for replacement Leaders and volunteers to help run the pack, but it is with regret that I have to inform you so far we have been unable to appoint any replacements due to the lack of response to our notices both at the Group and District.  We will continue to keep looking, as it is our intention to retain Monday Cubs as an offering at the Group.
We are however conscious that in the interim we want the Monday Cubs to still be able to enjoy Scouting with our Group, and to this end we would like to offer them the opportunity to come along to Tuesday Pack for as long as they would like or until we replace the Monday leaders and get that pack back up and running.  We appreciate that this may not be possible for some if you already have other commitments.
There is also a change with Tuesday Pack, with myself and my wife Lisa taking over, due to commitments with the previous leaders not being able to give as much time as they would have wished. So it’s a new for us and hopefully the start of a great adventure for all.
We are both looking forward to taking on the challenge, and meeting up with the Cubs next week and starting to get to know them.   We are aiming to have a well balance programme in place, which will include badge work, activities, fun, games and adventures.  I want us to get out and about more, with hikes, bikes and games / activities away from the hut.  More details will be forwarded to you when the programme is complete for this term, so that you can see what we have in store.
We will be getting to grips with all aspects of the pack, including ensuring that record cards, badge achievements, personal details and subs payments are up to date and correct.  We would also love for parents to get involved with the Cubs, maybe helping out a couple of evenings a year.  We will look at pulling together a parent rota so that Mums and Dads can lend a hand and have some fun along the way.
Do any of you use Facebook?  We have a private 1FG Cubs page that only members of the group can view (this is NOT a Public Site so only you and not Friends of or non members can see it’s contents).  It’s a fantastic way to let you see what your Cubs will be getting up to, and is used successfully with similar pages for our Beavers and Scouts.  It is our intention to utilise this for both informational and visual notifications (along with emails), so please do let me know if you would like to join the site so we can add you in.
There are two events coming up that I would like our pack(s) to get involved with.  These are District run events and are open to all Cubs in the pack so it would be great if you could let me know as soon as possible if your Cub would like to take part ………
23rd January, 2:00pm  – The 5-A-SIDE Football Competition, held at Leasowe Recreational Centre  (minimum number of 5, but if more come forward then possibly two teams or share the players in one team)
21st February, 12:00pm – District Cub Swimming Gala, held at Leasowe Recreational Centre (minimum number of 4 (there is also a relay race along with individual races).  Your Cub must be able to swim at least one length of the pool. There are two age categories – Under 9.5yrs and under 11 yrs)
Of course we would also appreciate some parental support with both these events if nothing else but to cheer on those who take part if we can get the teams together.  BUT …. if there are any keen Football Coaches or Swimming Coaches amongst the parents of the pack, then your help, support and advice would be gratefully received.
So, if you have any queries, questions or concerns, please do come back to me.  It would be great if you could let me know if your Cub would like to come along and join us, and also don’t forget to let me know if your Cub would like to partake in the above events as soon as possible also.

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St George’s Day Parade to Hilbre Island 26th April

Posted on April 27th, 2015 by Colin Ratcliffe

11178231_10206221404076663_2235736941426514136_n (1)More than 300 cubs, scouts and beavers including our own took part in a St George’s Day parade from West Kirby to Hilbre Island on Sunday.

Carrying flags representing the 17 scout groups that form West Wirral scout district, the young people paused at Little Eye to learn about St George and receive a blessing before walking out to Hilbre Island for a picnic and to play games.

The explorers re-enacted the story of St. George in front of the Beavers and Cubs with a full fire breathing dragon they had made themselves.

During the stay on the island, the scouts renewed their promise and three Scouts were invested whilst surrounded by the whole District.

Coinciding with the London Marathon, Colin Ratcliffe, GSL  1st Frankby Greasby Scout Group, was running a 30 mile route which took him to every Scout HQ in West Wirral to raise money for his Scout Group. At this time currently have £400 sponsorship pledges.


His visit to Hilbre Island marked the just over halfway point of his journey and a large cheer went up from the Scouts as he arrived.

Deputy district commissioner, Phill Richardson said: “It was fantastic to see so many young people join the parade and clearly enjoying the adventure.”

Deputy district commissioner Liam O’Malley said: “The weather was fantastic and all the young people were a credit to their groups and district.

“It’s great to see so many out enjoying the fresh air, and it’s days like this which remind me why I volunteer as a Scout Leader!”


It was a truly memorable day had by all, and the welcome which greeted me (Colin) as I got onto the Island was something I will remember for a long long time.  I am so proud to be GSL of our Group and when I saw you all, it was just a brilliant feeling and I congratulate each and every one of 1FG Beavers, Cubs and Scouts as well as Leaders and supporters for turning out in large numbers to represent the Group in a fantastic way.  Well done.


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Maclean Pack (Tuesday Cubs) Programme Spring 2015

Posted on January 19th, 2015 by Colin Ratcliffe

This is our proposed programme for Maclean Pack from January – March 2015


Date                     Evening Activity

6th January                     World Faith Evening

13th January                   Artist and Entertainment

20th January                  Fire and Water Safety & Make Safety Poster

27th January                  1st Aid

3rd February                  Swimming at Leasowe / West Kirby (TBC)

10th February                Astronomer

17th February                HALF TERM – No Cubs this Evening

24th February               Map Reader and Navigator

3rd March                      Night Hike and Tracking (location TBC)

10th March                    Disability and Communication

17th March                     Cycle Maintenance (Bring Own Bikes)

24th March                    Wide Games at Royden Park

31st March                      Camp Setup / Food / Games

7th April & 14th April     EASTER HOLIDAY – No Cubs these Evenings


District Cub Events for your Diary

3rd to 5th April (Friday – Sunday)  Cub Camp at 1FG HQ Hut

22nd February (Sunday) District Swimming Gala (Leasowe Swimming Pool)


Please note, dates and activities could be subject to change, but prior notification will be given.


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Pine Cone Peanut Butter Bird Feeders

Posted on September 11th, 2014 by Colin Ratcliffe

This week our Scouts made Pine Cone Peanut Butter Bird Feeders.  What a fantastic and simple idea, and no need to have to handle lard or even make a real mess.

We thought it so good that to encourage the birds in your garden and help them over winter, we decided to share it with the group.  Why not have a go.  Here’s how …..

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Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers 2014 – Thank you

Posted on July 21st, 2014 by Colin Ratcliffe

activekids2014Thank you everyone, parents, families and friends who have been able to donate their collected Sainsburys ActiveKids 2014 vouchers to our Scout Group this year.  All the vouchers have been counted and in total we got from you 5,810 voucher points.   Coupled with the previous years that we didn’t spend all of, we had a total of 7,731 points to put towards items for the Group.

So with having the new Kitchen we decided it would be a good idea to get some new kitchen equipment, utensils and cutlery.  The order has been processed and we await out new items to arrive soon.  Our young people and users of the group will benefit from this, and we will look forward to hopefully doing as well if not better next year.

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