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JOTT 2014

Posted on May 20th, 2014 by Colin Ratcliffe

On Saturday 10th May 2014, 30 Young Members and 8 leaders along with many Parent helpers embarked on our day hike as part of our participation in JOTT. The forecast didn’t look great for the day but fortunately only a few showers occurred over the hike with the odd break out of sunshine. We set out from Greasby along the millennium way towards Arrowe Park in high spirits shortly after this photo.


The boys had a small treasure hunt on route with the reward of sweets for the sections as they found the hides. The first hide was for the Beavers to discover and it didn’t take them long to unearth the container. We continued on giving each section Beavers, Cubs and Scouts a turn. Soon we had reached The side of Arrowe Park and where heading towards Irby across the fields. All sections where continuing at a great pace and getting a chance to mix and talk with each other. We grabbed a quick break before entering into Harrock Woods and crossing the fields into Irby. Some very inquisitive Cows made for a more interesting field crossing but didn’t cause any problems.


Soon after we were on the home leg through Royden Park towards our collection point for the day. Some legs were starting to tire as we neared the end but all members of the group had made great progress around the route, bringing us to the finish on time. The Scouts had managed to fulfil some of the Criteria towards the new geocaching badge, the Cubs and Beavers had gained a hike away and a chance to practice the recent navigational skills learnt last term. The Weather had held as we took our final group photo in Royden Park and handed out the Badges to those who participated to mark another successful hike for Jamboree on the Trail, joining thousands of other scouts around the globe all doing the same. We are looking forwards to next year, when again we can participate in this Global Scouting event.

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