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Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers 2016

Posted on February 7th, 2016 by Colin Ratcliffe


We’re collecting Sainsbury’s Active Kids  vouchers once again to help us acquire new games and kitchen / camping equipment. When you shop at Sainsbury’s please remember to accept your vouchers as they are not only for Schools for but local groups and associations like our own.

Last year we managed to collect over 5000 points worth, and as a consequence this helped to buy new gadgets for our new kitchen, some new 1st Aid kits and games equipment as well as compasses for our hikes and activities.  We’d like to add to these and also purchase new games and camping equipment with your support and help.

So spread the word and encourage friends and family to collect for us.  There will be the collection box at the Scout Hut to put your vouchers into each time you visit.

Thank you

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